Health oriented tourism in Extremadura: thermalism

To enjoy the healthiest tourism in the midst of beautiful landscapes, history and heritage, seven spas should be highlighted in Extremadura. These are the magnificent seven of Extremadura Thermalism. They are seven strategic corners of the regional geography that allow you to relax by immersing yourself in hot springs, with the appropriate services, but also take advantage of your visit by getting lost in landscapes loaded with history.  Extremadura is a region in Spain that is west of Madrid and borders with neighboring country, Portugal.

Thermal Extremadura

The brand “Extremadura Termal” (Thermal Extremadura) comprises the six spas that form the Extremadura Association of Spas: Alange, Baños de Montemayor, Brozas, El Raposo, Fuentes del Trampal and Salugral Thermal Resort.  An offer to which the bathing resort of   Valle del Jerte in Valdastillas is added.

These are destinations for people of all age, because everyone likes a bath in relaxing waters or a good massage.  This is ideal for health, for physical and mental well being, as a complement to an intensive sport session or after hiking a trail or a walk through history.  Some people enjoy it merely because they worship mind and body, especially during these dizzying times. It is an ideal getaway from mid March, when the thermal season opens, to December.

Alange, world heritage site

Among the seven magnificent of thermalism in Extremadura you will find the Roman Baths of Alange that have been declared a World Heritage Site.  Alange is 20 minutes from the city of Merida in Spain and is in an excellent state of conservation.  The visitor can enjoy sessions of oxygen therapy, Turkish baths or thermal contrast baths in a facility where Roman thermal baths that date back to two thousand years harmoniously co-exist with marble tubs of the XIX Century and the most modern technology in hydrothermal treatments.

Baños de Montemayor an active spa

The Roman thermal springs of “Baños de Montemayor” spa, just one of the bathing spas of the Ambroz valley, has taken a step forward to attract the young public and offer them the benefits of water therapy. They have constituted a team with “Fundación Jovenes y Deporte” (Youth and Sports Foundation) to become the first Active Spa of Extremadura. This is a place that has been the favorite of generations past, now able to pamper the young.

Salugral at the Vía de la Plata

The “Salugral Thermal Resort” located in the ancient roadway of “Via de la Plata”, offers a fantastic thermal circuit which includes massage, physiotherapy, aesthetics and beauty treatments, essentially an opportunity to rest and recover your strength. All this is located in a modern building, which is strategically located near Hervás, in the hearth land of the Ambroz valley.

Brozas nex to Cáceres

The Brozas Health Resort is located in the heart of the Extremadura pasturelands, next to the hermitage of Saint Gregory (San Gregorio) for whom it is named, to remember the times when this was a refuge for people that suffered from rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis and dermatological and nervous ailments “who came to take the waters”.  Today it is a millenary center to enjoy peace and tranquility, complemented with advanced health treatments and relaxing baths. All this is just a short hour away from Cáceres.

El Raposo specializes in natural mud

Close to Zafra in the south of the Province of Cáceres is “El Raposo”; this is one of the few places in Spain that specialized in therapeutic mud.  The application of the mud originated from a nearby spring has singular dermatological and rheumatologic benefits. An anecdote is associated with the discovery of the benefits of this mud, the story of the pig that could not follow the herd, because of swelling joints.  It fell into the mud, after a while it stood and walked with great ease.

Slightly metallic waters of El Trampal

The “Fuentes del Trampal” resort is located in Montánchez, a short ride between Cáceres and Badajoz. By car it takes a 20-minute drive form the city of Mérida and about 40 minutes from the city of Cáceres following route A-66.  The slightly mineral waters of El Trampal have been always used by the neighbors of the area to cure anemic states, chronic processes linked to the locomotive system and dermatological conditions. Hydro massage baths, therapeutic massages and pressure showers are an excellent remedy to eliminate stress and fatigue.

Valle del Jerte resort

The spa located in Valdastillas is a hydrothermal space with natural and mineral-medical waters. They allow multiple health oriented therapies and treatments that promote personal wellbeing. Making the most of their location in the heart of the Jerte Valley, they also offer treatments associated with cherries, based on the mineralizing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this fruit.

planVE la guía de ocio de Extremadura

Original article by Merche R. Rey

Translated by Susana Windt

Termalismo en Extremadura, el turismo más saludable

Termalismo na Estremadura, o turismo mais saudável

Published on September 2017

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