Charming Lodges in Extremadura Make Enchanting Destinations

The “Red de Hospederías de Extremadura”, a network of eight four star hotels in Extremadura that are unique buildings turned into tourist attractions. Extremadura is an extensive region in Spain, which is west of Madrid and borders with neighboring Portugal, the local government has made the development of natural sites and historical heritage a priority. Within this context these are lodgings with charm and also offer visitors beautiful gardens, swimming pools with outstanding views, and in some cases spas, tennis courts, paddle and workout centers.

Seven of these locations are in the Province of Cáceres, where the first ones were opened in 1999:  the one featured in the “Valle del Jerte” (the Valley of River Jerte) and largest one of the group, with sixty rooms, at the Monfragüe National Park.

Close to them are the Lodges at the “Valle de Ambroz” (the Valley of River Ambroz) in the town of Hervás; “Puente de Alconétar” (the Alconétar Bridge), in “Garrovillas de Alconétar”; the “Conventual de Alcántara”, at Alcántara and the “Conventual de Sierra de la Gata”, at “San Martín de Trevejo”, which are located in old medieval convents.  Also, the Lodge of “Hurdes Reales” at “Las Mestas-Ladrillar”, which occupies an old factory, built in 1922 by King Alphonse XII.

The “Hospedería Mirador de Llerena” is the only one of this group that is in the Province of Badajoz, located in a manor house of the early 19 hundreds.  In addition we will find the touristic apartments at Orellana, without restaurant facilities but also part of this chain.

Unique Details at Every Inn

Each one of these hostels has specific items that make them unique. For example, Llerena has a skylight (main photo by Esther Benítez / inimia Comunica) that allows the light into the lodge during the day and allows people to look at the stars during the night.

The Lodge at the Monfragüe National Park is special because it offers fantastic views to the nearby pasturelands and also because it has a striking avant-garde decor.

The Lodge at the Monfragüe National Park. Foto: Andy Solé

The “Conventual de Alcántara” has a museum, the Flour Mill with antique mechanical devices.

The Lodge in the “Valle de Ambroz”, a renovated building from the XVII century, has a spectacular cloister with its original cobblestone floor.

The site of the “Hospedería Puente de Alconétar” is at the porticoed town square of Garrovillas, which has been declared an Artistic Historical Monument of National Interest that is extremely attractive. Visitors are also surprised by the entrance of the building with the original staircase of the Palace of the Counts of “Alba de Aliste”.

Hospederías de Extremadura-Garrovillas de Alconétar
The Hospedería Puente de Alconétar is at the porticoed town square of Garrovillas, an Artistic Historical Monument of National Interest. Foto: Andy Solé.

The “Hurdes Reales” Lodge is a fully renovated establishment built in 1922 for the visit of King Alphonse. It offers spectacular views from the top of the mountain of “Las Mestas”.  The burning fireplace of the entrance of this establishment is truly enjoyable during the winter months.

The “Hospedería Conventual de Sierra de Gata” at “San Martín de Trevejo” is interesting because of the contrast of modern materials combined with a Medieval construction. Especially interesting is the Lodge’s dinning room, located where what used to be the chapel of the XV Century Saint Michael Convent.

At the “Hospedería Valle del Jerte” visitors are encouraged to bath in the unique “infinity pool” that visually merges with the waters of the Jerte River.

Astro-tourism in the Hostels of Extremadura

The Lodges of Monfragüe, Sierra de Gata, Valle de Ambroz and Valle de Jerte have the installations of special cameras to watch the sky, on-line, by a service called Sky Live. An added attraction is to be able to observe at the same time the sky, live, in situ, while looking at the sight presented by the cameras on line. At the Lodge in the Monfragüe National Park, which is a Starlight Destination in Extremadura, sky observation is reinforced with appropriate optical equipment and specialized books and printed materials.

Accommodations for 75 euros a night

Visitors can stay at a room in  “Hospederías de Extremadura” at a rate of 75 Euros per night. Also, there are special rates for senior travelers over sixty years of age and special packages for honeymooners and gastronomic tourists.

Hospederías de Extremadura-Alcántara
The Conventual de Alcántara has a museum whith antique mechanical devices. Foto: Andy Solé

The rooms are prepared to cater to guest with reduced mobility requirements. The Lodges take special interest in contributing to environmental concerns by using solar panels for electrical requirements, biomass boilers and recharge facilities for customers with hybrid and electric vehicles. This constitutes a real plus for customers with eco awareness.

planVE, la Guía de Ocio de Extremadura

Original article by Pilar Armero

Translated by Susana Windt

Hospederías de Extremadura, destinos con mucho encanto

Published on July 2018

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