Medea at the Festival de Merida and Victor Manuel at the Stone will benefit from the luxurious music of the OEX “Orquesta de Extremadura”

Orquesta de extremadura 05/07/2013 representación de Medea

The Merida International Classical Theater Festival will open with an opera: Medea, a co-production of the OEX “Orquesta de Extremadura”, the Festival and the Teatro Real.  Additionally, the OEX will play along side Victor Manuel, at the STONE MUSIC FESTIVAL, this summer. These are two, very special engagements for our musicians from ‘Extremadura” who are often called to perform with stelar musicians and cooperate with scores for important movies and television productions.

A Team with Medea for the Opening of the 70th Edition of the Merida International Theater Festival

The first performance is Medea and will be held on the 27th of June and the 29th of June, at 10:45 in the evening. This opera by Luigi Cherubini opens the 70th edition of the Merida International Classical Theater Festival. The musical direction is by Andrés Salado from the OEX (Orquesta de Extremadura).

The staging of Medea is a co-production of the “Festival” together with the “Teatro Real” and is directed by Paco Azorín. The Extremadura Choir will also perform at this event.

The Extremadura orchestra and Victor Manuel at the Stone Festival in Merida

The OEX (Extremadura Orchestra) will also be at the Stone & Music Festival 2024. The meeting will be held on the 30th of August, at 10:15, in the evening. This show is considered unique and emotional, as musicians will accompany Victor Manuel in his very well-liked songs. The musicians will provide a symphonic background to the songs of the Asturian singer, which have turned into authentic anthems for fans of several generations.  

Additionally, this summer, the OEX will be at the Badajoz Flamenco and Fado Festival. The date is on the 4th of July. The event will be held as Tribute to Porrina, with the support of “El Perrete”.

The OEX with Leading Artist

It is not the first time that the “Extremadura” orchestra” has accompanied first-class artists of these two great festivals.  At the Stone, they have supported, more than once, Raphael, also with Il Divo, selling out tickets in a matter of hours. Another very successful example of collaboration is Ainhoa ​​Arteta. They have also been part of “Disney in Concert”, which is the most complete international show of Disney where they display movie soundtracks.

At the Merida Classic Festival, the orchestra has designed the music for large and important productions such as the 65th Edition’s Samson and Delilah.

Music for Films and Television

It is obvious that the Extremadura orchestra is liked and loved. Leading figures, such as the composer Fernando Velazquez seek her for recording scores for films and television series. Velazquez is the author of the music for such well-known big and small screen titles as: “ The Monster Calls”, “The Orphanage”, “The Impossible”, With him the Extremadura orchestra has recorded de sound tracks of productions such as: Cuerpo de Elite ( Elite Corps), “Holy Goalie” with well-known actor Karra Elejalde, “Lo Nunca Visto” ( Never Seen) with Carmen Machi and Pepon Nieto; The Pact, starring Belen Rueda; or A Different View (La Otra Mirada) which is a Netflix series. OEX is also the performer of the music for the HBO series: Garcia! And the Netflix production “Killer Book Club”.

Importantly, the Orchestra has shared the stage with top artistic groups, namely the Royal Ballet, the English National Ballet and the “Ballet Nacional de España”. An awesome place has been secured by the “Orquesta de Extremadura” for more than two dozen collaboration with other artistic organizations. This is a group created by the “Junta de Extremadura “in 2010.

Original article by Planveando Comunicaciones SL

Translated by Susana Windt

Published on June 2024

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