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Extremadura a place to visit for the fans of superb ham Jamón

Extremadura, an autonomous community in Spain, has more than fifty towns on the route of the Iberian Ham “Dehesa de Extremadura” (Extremadura Pasturelands). The name “Dehesa de Extremadura” is the denomination of origin of the Iberian acorn ham grown in this region of Spain, which is west of Madrid and borders with Portugal.

In Badajoz there are 33 municipalities in the regions of “Tentudía”, “Campiña del Sur” and “Sierra Suroeste” with towns such as “Valencia del Mombuey”, “Oliva de la Frontera” “Jerez de los Caballeros”, “Fregenal de la Sierra”. “Fuentes de León”, “Monesterio”, “Llerena”, “Azuaga”, “Higuera la Real” or “Montemolín”.

Also, it should be noted that in “Jerez de los Caballeros” during the month of May we celebrate the “Salón del Jamón Ibérico”, which is the Iberian Ham Hall; and the town of Monesterio is the host of the Iberian Ham Museum and the “Día del Jamón” (The Day of the Ham), which has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest of Extremadura, held in September every year.

In Cáceres there are 19 towns in the Montánchez –Tamuja region among which are “Aldea de Cano”, “Almoharín”, “Arroyomolinos”, “Benquerencia”. “Botija”, “Montánchez”,  “Plasenzuela”,  “Sierra de Fuentes”. “Torre de Santa María”, “Torreorgaz” and “Zarza de Montánchez”.

This is journey of real flavor that makes Extremadura a luxurious gastronomic destination that can be perfectly combined with nature and heritage tourism.

jamón de Extremadura cerdo ibérico

Extremadura is an essential destination for lovers of good ham.  Its pastures make it an ecological paradise for the breeding of the Iberian pig, which finds in this ecosystem the ideal pasture and acorn necessary for its feed.  These are two products that make the Iberian “Dehesa de Extremadura” Ham unique.

To visit Extremadura for savoring Ham is a touristic experience that can be combined with master classes for carving this wonderful product, visits to the drying facilities to learn the aging process of the ham and guided tours to the various tasting locations.  Proposals that not only nourish the body but can be enriched with cultural adventures that enrich the spirit.

planVE, la Guía de Ocio de Extremadura

Original article by Pilar Armero

Translated by Susana Windt

Los caminos del jamón de Extremadura

艾克斯崔瑞马度拉(Extremadura) , 精品火腿爱好者的目的地.

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