The City savors the Extremadura cupboard with José Pizarro

On the one hand we have the raw materials that make Extremadura a gastronomic paradise, such as the local veal, kid, lamb, cheese, paprika and olive oil.

On the other hand we have a popular Chef from Extremadura, José Pizarro, who is the best ambassador of our cuisine in London and throughout the United Kingdom. The figures show that every week more than 3500 clients visit his restaurants and this Chef has become an acclaimed figure in the UK national media, in important channels like The Times or in BBC programs and cooking shows such as Saturday Kitchen (BBC) or Sunday Brunch at Channel 4.

This exquisite partnership will ensure the success of The Gastronomic Week of Extremadura in London, from March 20th to March 27th, led by Pizarro, who has lived in London for more than 18 years, in partnership with the “Asociación de Cocineros y Reposteros de Extremadura (ACOCYREX)”, which is the Association of Cooks and Confectioners and Pastry Chefs of Extremadura and the “Dirección General de Turismo de la Junta de Extremadura” which is the General Tourist Board for the Extremadura Government. Their common objective is to promote the cuisine of Extremadura, and the location as the best gastronomic destination for the British Tourist.

This alliance will allow people from London, during the gastronomic week, to visit the Pizarro Restaurants and taste a set menu, with a selection of four appetizers, four main courses and two desserts. Also, a selection of Tapas can be enjoyed at José Tapas Bar and José Pizarro Broadgate.

The purpose of all this is to promote the uniqueness of the many products that are distinguished on their the label with the sign “Protected Denomination of Origin  (DOP)” for products of this region in Spain. Extremadura is a region that is west of Madrid and borders with Portugal.  It is unique, as there is no other region in Spain with such a variety and strength of products that exhibit on their label this European distinction. The “(DOP) Protected Denomination of Origin” and “(IGP) Protected Geographical Indicator is being carefully marketed in Extremadura to depict an extra quality assessment for a great variety of products.

Drive to promote gastronomy and tourism

José Pizarro by Jorge Monedero

It is a deliberate strategy to place this promotional tool in London and its surrounding areas, which is a neuralgic center for international business and high level gastronomy.  This is intended as a great impulse for quality tourism in the Extremadura region.  As a matter of fact the Chef decided to open his third restaurant “José Pizarro” in the financial district of London, because of the amount of customer associated to this part of the city and are regular clients of the other restaurants.

“I am sure that all the clients that taste the different dishes, which are going to be prepared at my restaurants will want to come to Extremadura to try our gastronomy on site” says this icon of the gastronomy in the United Kingdom.

This three-way alliance also aims to increase the number of visitors to Extremadura. “For me it is nor only important to promote gastronomy, but also tourism. Because, we in Extremadura have Cultural Tourism, Nature Tourism and Heritage Tourism which is really impressive,” says this respected media Chef.

The initiative also carries a solidarity element, since one Pound of each of the menus sold will be donated to a non-profit organization: Action Against Hunger.

Enjoy tapas in London

In a metropolis like London it is easy to submerge yourself in international cuisine, thanks to the multiethnic melting pot of the British Capital.  Pizarro has taken advantage of this characteristic to attract diners to his tables to enjoy the best Spanish and Extremeño dishes.

From the beginning he was able to offer something really different to the London public: a tapas bar, José, small cozy and designed for informal eating, his first restaurant in the British Capital.

It has not been easy to export the magic of the Extremeño and Spanish Cuisine to the London public, but the Chef, now owner of four restaurants, some in the financial district of The City, has managed to sort clichés with ingenuity, tenacity and above all outstanding raw materials such a cheese from Extremadura called “Torta del Casar”, paprika from “la Vera”, veal imported from Extremadura, Almoharín figs and cherries from the Jerte valley.

José Pizarro with other chefs in a photo taken at FITUR 2018. Together they will be cooking at The Gastronomic Week of Extremadura in London. Photo by Acocyrex

planVE, la Guía de Ocio de Extremadura

Original article by Eduardo Villanueva

Translated by Susana Windt

Londres saborea la cocina extremeña

Published on march 2018

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