Thousands of kilometers to ride a mountain bike in Extremadura

More and more people like to combine nature and sports. Extremadura, which is a region in Spain, West of Madrid and close to Portugal, offers the best environment to practice Mountain Biking (MTB) or All Terrain Biking (ATB).  Extremadura offers mountain bikers more than two thousand kilometers of roads, trails and tracks of public use, itineraries that have been designed and sponsored by the General Tourism Directorate  (Dirección General de Turismo) for the practice of this sport.

In the regions of “Sierra de Gata”, “Valle del Jerte” and “Montánchez” riders have at their disposal special tourist areas to help the practice of the sport. These are the Extremadura MTB Centers (Centros BTT de Extremadura), specially designed spaces that offer tourist personalized itineraries and information services. Also, user might rent and wash their bikes or make use of the repair shop.

Mountain biking in Extremadura

The centers are approved by the IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) and comply with the minimum standards for marking and signaling the routes. Complete information on the marked, identified and classified paths In terms of their difficulty are provided to the athletes.

A white square sign that measures 12 centimeters by 12 centimeters identifies the routes; inside they have an equilateral triangle and two red circles. The apex of the triangle opposite to the two circles defines the direction of the travel. There are paths that have signs with two numbers in each sign, to indicate that the path is shared by two different routes.  The bikers can continue on their initial route or combine with the alternative route. The route number is printed in an identifying color; these colors are indicative of the difficulty of the chosen route:

Black:  Very difficult

Red:    Difficult

Blue:   Medium difficulty

Green:  Easy


The MTB Centers in Extremadura

At the MTB Center of the “Valle del Jerte” the routes are organized with special consideration to the autumn season, when the leaves turn and fall; also for the spring, with the cherry tree blossoms in mind.  However the beauty of these trails are also valid for all other seasons. They are a group of six routes designed for use with a Mountain Bike or an All Terrain Bike. Visitors may discover a total of 160 kilometers of marked paths that delight with unique places of this beautiful Valley.

Ten different routes compose the itineraries of “Sierra de Gata” with information points at strategic places of the area, such as “San Martin de Trevejo”, “Hoyos” and “Gata”.  These routes guaranty visitors a visit to landscapes full of natural beauty and artistic legacy.  In “Sierra de Gata” mountain bike riders can view five valleys from their summit, where the panoramas are unlimited.

The “Sierra de Montánchez” gathers exceptional conditions for the practice of mountain biking. It offers five different routes with a total of 67 kilometers of mountainous terrain. The area has great ecological and landscape potential. It is set in the most western portion of the foothills of the mountains of Toledo and divides the river basins of the Tajo and the Guadiana. All the important pasturelands of Extremadura are at the view of the mountain bikers.

Unquestionably these centers provide the public with unforgettable views and relaxation.  From here the biking tourist is exposed to enjoy the natural charm of Extremadura, while extending their stay in the region during all seasons of the year. In Extremadura, the bicycle is not only for summer.

planVE, la guía de ocio de Extremadura

Original article by Noelia Pérez

Translated by Susana Windt

Miles de kilómetros para pedalear por Extremadura

Published on July 2017  




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