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Your choice of wine is important during the ways of life and those who choose “Certificate of Origin Ribera de Guadiana” will have no regrets. Because the quality of the Extremeño wines have not stopped increasing since this certificate was awarded and now it compares favorably with any wine from Rioja or Ribera del Duero.

Some thirty varieties of grapes are included in the C.O. Ribera de Guadiana, with the Tempranillo and Maccabeus as the best known. These are cultivated together with many local varieties such as Pardina, Cayetana, and Eva.   This fruit grows mainly along the Province of Badajoz and the southeast areas of the Province of Caceres.  It draws a grape-growing map that includes regions of Badajoz like “Tierra de Barros, Matanegra, Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja” and regions in Caceres like “ Cañamero and Montanchez”. It is very extensive geographical area with Extremeño municipalities, united by the production of wine. Extremadura is a region in Spain, which is west of Madrid and borders with neighbor country Portugal.

The “certificate or origin” Ribera de Guadiana is a good excuse for wine tourism

To get to know the appellation of Origin for the Extremadura Wines “Ribera de Guadiana” is a good excuse to do tourism and more specifically wine tourism. vinos-extremadura

The route “Ribera of the Guadiana” is a touristic product created in line with gastronomic distinction and leisure proposals that can be enjoyed all year round. To visit vineyards, to enter cellars, to participate in vine tastings sessions, to enjoy the benefits of Wine-Therapy and experience the gastronomical marriage of local wines and Extremadura Cuisine are just some of the offers. This is accompanied by the richness of the historic sites tied to culture and religion, combined with nature and active programs that are impressive and unique.

Toast with Cava or Pitarra

Extremadura also produces “Cava”, which a Spanish sparkling wine, well known from the region of Cataluña. Extremadura is represented on the national regulatory board of the Cava, with the production of wines from “Almendralejo”, although sparkling wines are also produced in the area of Guadalupe, but these are out side of the regulatory body.

Wine production is not new in Extremadura as remembered every September at the Festival of the Harvest of Villafranca de Los Barros. This Festival has been declared of Regional Touristic Interest. Where the locals recreate historical scenes linked to traditional wine production.  Traditional practices, like stepping on the grapes are revived.  In fact, stepping on grapes is a tradition that continues to be implemented in the north of Caceres to manufacture the “pitarra”, which is a traditional wine that includes seeds and other remains of the grape, before it is fermented. It makes a stronger beverage. The north of Caceres is perhaps the only region of Spain where this tradition continues to be implemented.

Even more, the tradition of making homemade artisan wine, in Extremadura, is acquiring a new life. A new generation has adopted the tradition, which is being stimulated by the summons of tasting contest that have converted into authentic Fiestas, like the one celebrated in “San Martin de los Vinos” at “Sierra de Gata”.

As a rooted tradition, not only among the “Serragantinos”, but also among the people of “Las Hurdes” or “La Vera” is the production of Pitarra Wine, which is not marketed industrially.  It is only sold in the proximity of this region and maintains a very intimate flavor that encourages, glass in hand, a sincere toast.


Regardless of your preference, whether it is a cup of Ribera del Guadiana, a goblet Cava Extremeño or a glass of Pitarra, what remains true is that the wines of Extremadura constitute a real pleasure.

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De vinos por Extremadura

Vinhos na Estremadura

Publicado en mayo de 2017




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