Extremadura has a rich gastronomic heritage

In Extremadura we know that tourism is attracted through people’s stomach and during the year 2016 ten restaurants from the region have been awarded important recognitions for promoting the gastronomical legacy of Extremadura. This is a region in Spain, which is west of Madrid, and close to bordering country Portugal.  The Awards are the initiative of the “Academia Extremeña de Gastronomía” (The Extremadura Academy of Gastronomy) in collaboration with the “Dirección General de Turismo” (the General Board of Tourism).

Their awareness of the importance of Gastronomy for the development of tourism is on top of their minds and have named their recent promotional campaign “Extremadura Sabe”. The word “sabe” in Spanish has a double meaning, which is “to know” and  “to taste”.

This is a great incentive for the people responsible of pampering the palates of tourist heading toward Extremadura.  The ten restaurants that received the honor for this year become a significant reference and a model to follow for all the industry of this region. They will be meeting at the hotel Carvajal Giron in Plasencia, before the Christmas holydays to receive the recognition of their colleagues and also, a commemorative plaque. A well-versed public, comprised of food connoisseurs, has been invited to the event as announced by the Director General de Turismo (General Director of Tourism) Mr. Francisco Martín.

gastronomic extremadura

The ten Extremadura restaurants awarded as gastronomic ambassadors

As a starter, in the heart of Cáceres the following were honored: the “Torre de Sande”, the “Figón de Eustaquio” and “Javier Martin”; as for the Province of Cáceres the distinction were awarded to “Casa Claudio” from “Casar de Cáceres” and “El Clavo” from “Valencia de Alcantara”. The “Paradores de Turismo” was prized as a whole organization. Also, in the Province of Badajoz the following winners must be highlighted: “Las Barandas” at “Los Santos de Maimona”, “Canela en Rama-Pepe Crespo” at Zafra, the “Rinconcillo de Monesterio” and the “Taberna de Sebastián” at “Don Benito”.  All these places are a freestanding brand on their own and thus help to promote Extremadura as a destination for gastronomic tourism.

Cocineros extremeños

As a matter of fact the distinctions were announced and awarded at a simple event, part of a recently held Forum: “Tourism, Driving Force of the Economy and the Employment” and, it was a stated objective of  “Turismo Extremadura”.  The organizer, together with the representatives of the “Real Academia de la Gastronomia de Extremadura” (The Extremadura Royal Academy of Gastronomy) wanted to place their focus on the restaurants that pamper the palate of the most discriminating tourist.  This idea was emphasized during the presentation of Mr. Fernando Bayón, the vice-president of the National Tourist Board and General Director of EOI (School of Industrial Organization) who has, both, an extensive academic record and labor experience at important organizations of the tourist industry.

Cocineros extremeños con Francisco Martín, director general de Turismo

Additionally, another outstanding expert of the industry, Mr. Juan Pedro Plaza, Secretary of the Extremadura Academy of Gastronomy, together with the General Director of “Turismo Extremadura” stated, “tourism is a value generating activity and the winners of these prizes can bear witness to this fact”. The remaining participants of the forum also agreed with his statements, namely: Mr. Antonio Martínez, manager of CETEX; Mr. Jesús Bravo, Secretary of the “Cluster de Turismo” and director of the Hotel Casa Don Fernando; Mr. Mario Huerga, Speaker of the “Asociación Extremeña de Balnearios” and manager of the spa “Baños de Montemayor”; Ms. María Jesús Rodriguez, Secretary of “Alojamientos Turísticos de Plasencia” and director of the Hotel Palacio Carvajal Giron; and Ms. Azucena de Matías, who was the representative of “Acocyrex” and the “Puerta del Emperador” restaurant.

planVE, la guía de ocio de Extremadura

Translated by Susana Windt

Extremadura sabe a rico patrimonio gastronómico

Published in December, 2016

Junta de Extremadura reportajes 2016 anuncio 3

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