Geodisea 2016, an invitation to enjoy the Geopark of Extremadura

A starting point to learn about Geology is the program “Geodisea” offered at “Geoparque de Extremadura”.  The objective is to get visitors to journey through the history of “Planet Earth” by means of the various interpretation centers located at the Geopark Villuercas-Ibores -Jara and visit the Geo-sites and walk the stunning mountain range, which has a comparable relief at the Appalachian Mountains in the United States.


“World Geopark” by declaration of the Unesco

The Geopark is one of those places that nullify the belief that Extremadura is only a vast plain. We are at the south east of the province of Caceres. Which is in Extremadura, a region in Spain that is west of Madrid and bordering with Portugal.  The Geopark is located between the basins of the rivers Tajo and Guadiana. A mountain range that is proud to bear the title of “World Geopark” awarded by UNESCO and to be part of the European and Global networks of Geoparks.  Also, the International Appalachian Trail, which aims to unite all the areas of the world that have a similar type of mountains.

This park represents more than 2500 square kilometers and has an immense orographical wealth in the geological formation of its valleys and mountains. The history of Planet Earth is alive in the Geopark  Villueras-Ibores-Jara. Their rocks, minerals and fossils found in its territory tell us the story of how it all started.

claustro guadalupe

Geo-Adventure, Geo-Culture and Geo-Taste

“Geodisea” (Geodissey) is the program for autumn that takes us to all these places to make the most of our adventure. A weekend full of plans such as kayaking in the reservoir “Cancho del Fresno” in Cañamero, to search for the king of forests to observe deer in Berzocana or take part in the special circuit designed for children at Castañar de Ibor.

“Geodisea” also proposes to unite past and present by following the footsteps of the people that inhabited these territories throughout the ages. Geo-culture guides us though the journey of queen Isabel I “La Católica” from Cañamero to Guadalupe. This journey features craft markets, visits to ancient wine cellars, prehistoric cave paintings and the majestic monastery of Guadalupe. Also, interesting is the history of Puebla.

Geoparque Villuercas-Ibores-Jara

The gastronomy enjoyed by the visitors to Geopark is a good reason to get lost in Geo-Taste.  Make your dream come true and become a farmer for one day at Navatrasierra.  Also, follow the cheese route in Ibores at Navalvillar de Ibor. Or learn the process of making wine at the castle of Cabañas.

The chestnut trails in Guadalupe or the mushroom paradise at Berzocana makes us enjoy the best out of the wild produce provided by the forests.

“Geodisea” submerges us into the depths of the earth; it transports us to the geological origins of the planet. Through its culture and gastronomy we can learn how it has evolved into a singular territory nestled between mountains and influenced by the imprints of the people that live here. This is a proposition of the “Junta de Extremadura” (Board of Extremadura) in collaboration with the “Diputación de Cáceres” (Council of the Province of Cáceres), the Geopark organization and the Mancomunidad de Villuercas-Ibores-Jara (Commonwealth of Villuercas-Ibores-Jara).

planVE, la guía de ocio de Extremadura

Original article by Ainhoa Miguel

Translated by Susana Windt

Geodisea 2016, una invitación para disfrutar el Geoparque de Extremadura

Published in October, 2016

Junta de Extremadura reportajes 2016 anuncio 3

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