The Valley of River Jerte is a gold mine for tourism by bicycle

Tourism by bicycle is pure excitement at the Valley of River Jerte, at the north of Extremadura in Western Spain. Here the fans of MTB have a whole network of marked routes in the so called Centro BTT del Valle del Jerte (MTB Center of the Valley of River Jerte).  They are a pioneering organization in Extremadura and are organized as an outdoor sport facility, open to the public, for the safe practice and the use of mountain bikes.

Can you imagine a bicycle trip through Los Pilones in the Valley of River Jerte? Or maybe a bicycle ride to other interesting places in Extremadura, such as the gorge of Caozo, or the gorge of Nogaledas or la Puria?  These are some of the emblematic places at the Valley of River Jerte that can be reached through these marked routes.  These paths are also approved by the IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association, which is the competent national authority for this sport.

If the visitor does not have access to a bicycle there are specialized companies that will rent for about 180 Euros for half a day or 245 Euros for a complete day. They have special rates for groups, depending on the required services.  But the use of these trails are open to everyone and can make use of them on their own, which constitutes one of their great advantages.  The other advantage is the possibility of riding through fantastic scenery that is emblematic of the Valley of River Jerte.  If you decide to make this trip during the months of the blooming of the Cherry trees it will turn into an attraction of superlative color.  In fact, it was during the month of March, in 2014, coinciding with the Cherry blossoms, that the Center BTT was first opened to the public.

Tourism by bibycle with the whole family, at the Valley of River Jerte


There are an increasing number of visitors that part-take on these trails. Some participate with the whole family, even small children.  There are some routes that are made very accessible and easy for the whole family, such as the one that goes from the Centro de Interpretación (Visitors Center) to the Garganta de Infiernos (Hell’s gorge). This route is about six kilometers long and practically flat, Tourism by bicycle is an interesting option to enjoy with children.

This is a pioneering bet by Extremadura that offers the heart of the Valley of River Jerte on two wheels. There are a total of six routes that pass through eleven villages of the region and cover a total of 160 kilometers of biking paths.  There are varied levels of difficulty for bikers with different conditions. Every one of them starts and finishes in one of the municipalities.  Following are the six different routes:

Route 1: Cordel del Valle (El Torno)

Route 2: Pinos de Tornavacas (Tornavacas)

Route 3: Monte Reboldo (Jerte)

Route 4:  Umbria de Cabezuela (Cabezuela del Valle)

Route 5:  Montes Traslasierra (Navaconejo)

Route 6: Sierra de Tormatos (Casas deel Castañar)

In order to visit the Centro BTT del Valle del Jerte it is enough to go to the Oficina de Turismo de la Mancomunidad del Valle del Jerte  (Tourist Office of the municipalities of the valley of Jerte) that is located at a place called Peñas de Cabezuela del Valle and their telephone number is 927472558. They also have a blog on the Internet with the name Centro BTT Valle del Jerte


Centro BTT del Valle delJerte

planVE, la guía de ocio del Norte de Extremadura

Original article by Merche R. Rey

Translated by Susana Windt

El Valle del Jerte, un filón para el cicloturismo

Published in November, 2015


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