To travel the North of Extremadura with your pet

An increasing number of places are open to pet admittance in the North of Extremadura. This responds to the needs of owners that wish to travel and discover new destinations in the company of their pets, which are considered part of the family or that are difficult to leave at the care of other people or alternate facilities. The first to develop this trend were the rural lodgings.  Because of their privileged locations, around open places in nature, dogs are allowed more spaces to move around than at their urban counterparts.  Pets have gardens to share their time with their owners, as well a numerous activities such as hiking.

The north of Extremadura, a region in Spain, which is about two hours from Madrid and close to neighboring Portugal, has an extensive network of trails that can be explored with your dog.  These are located along the valley of river Jerte, Sierra de Gata, Las Hurdes, the valley of river Ambróz, La Vera and Monfragüe national park. Also, you must not forget, the path that goes form Plasencia to the water reservoir of the city, that tracks through the shore of the Jerte.

mascotas norte de extremaduraThe natural river beaches, popularly know as “charcos” or ponds are perfect places to take a quick dip with your pet.  Many water reservoirs also admit the bathing of dogs. This constitutes an attractive proposition for the masters and their four legged friends. However, you must be careful, there is a lack of uniform criteria in regard to the areas that are pet friendly. But usually the position is that pets can bathe in the regions that overflow the water from these pools.

For the same reasons, the local camping grounds have joined the rural hotels in their pet friendly policies.  The actual term “Pet Friendly” is exhibited by the “Red de Hospederias de la Junta de Extremadura” (Network of Lodgings of the North of Estremadura). This constitutes an unmistakable support of local government to these new trends of lifestyle.

mascotas norte de extremadura


The best way to secure updated information on which place is open to accommodate your pet is through the Internet. A quick search will show all those locations that are pet friendly. Once you select you choice it is recommended to confirm the information on the telephone or with a direct e-mail. Ask for the specific requirements and condition. There is a variety of requirements among these establishments and are not always displayed on the general promotional information.

mascotas norte de ExtremaduraMost places only admit dogs, however some also cater to cat owners.  Some will add an extra fee for housing pets, which vary from 5 to 25 Euros per animal. On the other hand, some hotels will house your pet free from any extra charge.  A few hotels state the maximum weight of your dog, which must be less than 15 kilos. Also, they will prevent you from leaving the dog unattended in your room at any time or walking with your dog in certain public areas of the hotel.

However, a uniformity of criteria is held in regard to the responsibility of owners for any destructive behavior from your dog. They will charge you for any potential damage.  The owner must be responsible for the behavior of the pet in regard to soiling and disturbing noises for other guest. Remember to leave you home with the pet ´s certificates and vaccinations up to date.  Micro chipping is mandatory, by law in Spain.

mascotas norte de Extremadura


 PlanVe, la guía de ocio del Norte de Extremadura 

Original article by Pilar Armero

 Translated by Susana Windt

Viajar con mascotas por el norte de Extremadura

Published in October, 2015

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