Discover the North of Extremadura during autumn

The autumn fills with colors the north of Extremadura.  A region in Spain, that is west of Madrid, next to neighboring Portugal.  The region fills with a pallet of seasonal colors that range from greens and yellows and go to the deepest oranges and reds. It is nature that exhibits its splendor. Local associations take advantage of this gift of nature to design touristic and leisure programs that attract thousands of visitors, avid to participate in hiking adventures, horse back or mountain bicycle trails, culinary workshops, outings in the woods to search for mushrooms and later to learn how to cook this magnificent harvest. There are so many plans designed for the public, of all ages, that it is difficult to choose the best.

hervás otoñoSome of the plans and programs are packaged under names such as: “OTOÑO, OTOÑADA, OTOÑEA…” Every day the tourist will find more initiatives that want to extend the tourist season beyond the summer and show people exceptional reasons to visit the valley of river Jerte, the valley of river Ambroz, the Sierra de Gata, La Vera, Monfragüe, Las Hurdes, Tierras de Granadilla, Campo Arañuelo, Riberos del Tajo, the Alagón, Coria, Plasencia or Rivera de Fresnedosa when the hour of the clock is set back and is changed into winter time.

A good-natured autumn to share

muro otoño el valle

This happens because time has its own rhythm during autumn in Extremadura.  The hands of watches mark misty dawns with special lights and soft fog that later turn into days with a kind climate that is perfect to walk in the woods, follow paths, explore mountains decorated with madrone trees, chestnut trees and oak trees.  Days that invite you to share with the local population, who are determined to greet visitors with popular festivities, roasted chestnuts, culinary experiences that bring to the table traditions that were created by shepherds and by their ancestors. You will enjoy guided tours of the cultural and historical heritage, through the transhumance paths or making music that remembers moments for celebrations.

Autumn is also a season for contests that invite to focus your camera on nature, on the people and the traditions.  A whole range of possibilities to document with photos or videos a very photogenic season for people that search for images.

IMG-20151030-WA0003The “Otoño Mágico” (Magic Atumn) in the valley of river Ambroz is the oldest one of these touristic proposals in the north of Extremadura. Followed by the “Otoñada” in the valley of river Jerte. This includes the “Toñá Piornalega” recovered at the highest town in Extremadura.  The latest additions to this trend, with an objective of staying into the years, are the celebrations of elotoñ at Sierra de Gata and Otoñea at Madrigal de La Vera.

As a package or on your own autumn is a season to approach the north of Extremadura. With friends or with your family there is a range of experiences related to ecotourism, hiking, sports, food and culture that are offered by this region to greet visitors.

otoño extremadura

PlanVe, la guía de ocio del Norte de Extremadura 

Original article by Pilar Armero

 Translated by Susana Windt

Descubre el norte de Extremadura en otoño

Published in October, 2015


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