The sky of Navalmoral turns into a circus tent

Acrobats, clowns and jugglers… fill the squares and streets of Navalmoral de la Mata every spring. They come from every corner in Spain and from all over the world bringing their equipment and converting this town of Extremadura into the world capital of  “the all dreams can become reality”.

The company responsible for moving the strings of this festival is called “ASACO Producciones” and they call the event: International Festival of Contemporary Circus “Nosolcirco”. Every year, in every new edition, dozens of high ranking artists, are called to perform.  Very famous names, such a Leo Bassi and Viyuela have appeared in the four years of existence of this festival. Other, such as Albadulake, Bilwur, or Circ Bower have shared their performances. They are probably not well known to the general pubic, however they are stars of international recognition in the world of the circus.

nosolocircoThere are not many opportunities to see good circus and less if we consider that this is an outdoor, street, event. The sky is the tent.  The Navalmoral Circus Festival offers both of these qualities. Thus every year it obtains a greater applause from its spectators. People of all ages come to this unique festival in the region.

nosolocircoGrandparents, mothers and fathers, children all gather around this festival. They do not want to loose the opportunity of living and enjoying magical evenings. Which come by the hand of artist blessed with a touch of madness. The whole family, enjoy together afternoons and evenings in the cool of the outdoors, surrounding the city squares. ASACO in 2012 planned an outdoor festival of a contemporary circus, where a number of performance arts are combined that include music and theatre, with out the presence of trained animals, to differentiate from the classical circus.

Navalmoral is thus converted into the central stage of Nosolcirco. Due to its wonderful success adjoining towns wanted to participate, in part, of this event and have requested a piece. Towns like Talayuela or Almaraz have wanted to stage part of the event and have requested this from the organizers in various years.

One can understand these requests. They want to take advantage of the healthy opportunity to laugh in the open outdoors.  This is an initiative that has the approval of the Ministry of Culture. It is also a shot of positive energy for the body and the mind.


The International Contemporary Circus Festival or Festival Internacional de Circo Contemporaneo “Nosolcirco” takes place every year, during May, at Navalmoral de La Mata.

This festival is sponsored by the city council of Navalmoral de La Mata, the Government of Extremadura, the provincial government of Cáceres, the Ministry of Culture and a number of local businesses.

PlanVe, la guía de ocio del Norte de Extremadura 

Original article by Pilar Armero

 Translated by Susana Windt

El cielo de Navalmoral se convierte en carpa de circo

June, 1st 2015


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