Torrecilla de los Ángeles: the passion of a whole town

Every single Good Thursday, during the Holy Week, the town of Torrecilla de los Ángeles, which is in the Spanish province of Cáceres, in North of Extremadura, turns into a very special scenario. It stages the living passion of Christ, when around 150 residents impersonate this important event in the history of Christianity. In fact, it is the only religious performance of this type in the province of Cáceres. This small town is located in the “Sierra de Gata” and is the home of around 700 people.

torrecilla de los ángelesThe living Passion of Torrecilla de los Ángeles started in 1987 and has turned into an attractive turistic event, in Cáceres, during the Holy Week. Thanks to the joint effort of the residents of this town, where they revive along the streets, the last moments of Jesus of Nazareth, are able to unite thousands of people around this religious event.

The Passion of Torrecilla is more than a theatrical event. One of its merits is to depend on the help of more than 150 inhabitants of this village.  All are amateur and are directed from day one, by a great theater enthusiast, José Luis Bravo. . The actors represent biblical passages form the life of Jesus, such as the Last Supper, the events in the Olive Garden, the trial conducted by Pontius Pilate or the Crucifixion on the cross.

The inhabitants of Torrecilla convert into leading actors and actresses, of this religious allegory.  During these past years, what started as a demonstration of their faith has turned into a great theatrical production. There is so much feeling in their performances and this makes it attractive to the public.  In response they receive generous applause.

Also, the event has improved from a professional standpoint by adding new locations, improved sets and decorations, lighting. Many different companies from the city and the county participate in making this a professional presentation.

Every year, on Good Thursday, at ten in the night, the staging of the Passion of Christ shows the unity of a whole town, Torrecilla de los Ángeles. They present an

Auto Sacramental, during two hours and demonstrate the reason that this town is now a reference of the Extremeño Holy Week.


torrecilla de los ángeles

The name of this town “Torrecilla de los Ángeles” can be literally translated as: small tower of the angels.

torrecilla de los ángelesPlanVe, la guía de ocio del Norte de Extremadura 

Original article  by Ainhoa Miguel 

 Translated by Susana Windt

Photografies by José Manuel Robledo, provided by the organizer

La Pasión Viviente de Torrecilla de los Ángeles en español 

April 2015

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